[VR003SG] Mark Van Der Gun - Point  |||  OUT 25TH APRIL

This is the next release here from the young upcoming electro and progressive house producer, Mark Van Der Gun. The 'Point' is also a great example of his style.

AdrenAlin Studio 'Monster' music video released!

'Monster' out now on Beatport Exclusive! Grab your copy now: www.beatport.com/release/monster/1269654

Listen to the song on DeadDoctor: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mfD_x-SU3o

[VR003SG] AdrenAlin Studio - Monster - OUT 4TH APRIL

Did you even feel the wild west, pistols and heavyweight basslines in one? The brand new AdrenAlin Studio single 'Monster' is a new entry in the dark EDM, sounds like the 1980's. This teaser video says all about the song.


Mark Van Der Gun - Lions - OUT 23TH FEBRUARY [VR002SG]

The newest release from a new signed guy on Voltage Records EDM. Mark Van Der Gun is a young and talented dutch house music producer, based on fresh tunes, like this!

Offical teaser video, available on Voltage Records EDM's YouTube channel

AdrenAlin Studio - The dark noises EP - OUT NOW [VR001EP]


CHECK THIS LINK FOR BEATPORT PURCHASE: www.beatport.com/release/the-dark-noises-ep/1228954

Offical teaser video, available on his YouTube channel


A brand new single-player release, first of 2014 from AdrenAlin Studio, featuring 5+1 unsigned tracks (including the exclusive, Destroy the city LOITUMA mix on our compilation of 2013). Released 28th January, 2014 on our label!



1. Intro theme

2. Destroy the city (LOITUMA mix)

3. Stargate

4. Hang-out

5. Hyper

6. Stargate (radio / video clip mix)



Our first compilation out now on Beatport as exclusive. Click to the title for purchase the full release.

Including 3 exclusive songs:

* AdrenAlin Studio - Patrol [House]

and Destroy the city (LOITUMA mix) [Dubstep]

* DJ Alentro - Unleash The Bass (J.P. remix) [Breaks / Hip-hop]

Buy link: www.beatport.com/release/voltage-records-edm-in-2013/1225857

DJ Alentro - Unleash the bass (with remixes) - OUT NOW [VR000EP]

This guy, Jasper Peeters, alias DJ Alentro was a producer from a label, based on upcoming dance / electronic artists, named Amsterdamned Records. Then now he sent me an e-mail, that he wanted to release an EP via our record label, named Unleash The Bass.

This EP is now out exclusively on our label on Beatport. Click here to get your copy.